Throughout my life, I’ve always sought a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle. The idea of living in a small house on wheels, also known as a tiny house, has intrigued me for years. Inspired by the stories of families embracing tiny living, I embarked on a journey to explore this unique way of life. In this article, I will share my own experiences, reflections, and insights gained from interviews with a small house family, as we delve into the joys of tiny living, the freedom of mobility, and the minimalist lifestyle.

Key Takeaways:

  • Small house living offers a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle.
  • Living in a tiny house on wheels provides the freedom to travel and explore new places.
  • Minimalist living allows you to redefine what success means to you.
  • Tiny living can be an opportunity for bonding and creating lasting memories with your family.
  • A small house on wheels is a portable, compact home that offers flexibility and mobility.

The Inspiration Behind Living in a Tiny House

For me, the decision to live in a tiny house on wheels was inspired by a childhood fascination. I had always been captivated by the idea of seeing the world from a smaller perspective, much like the characters in movies like “Alice in Wonderland” and “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.” This love for simplicity, nature, and minimalism led me to explore and eventually embrace the tiny house lifestyle.

It all began with a visit to a tiny house rental on Airbnb. Stepping into that cozy space, I was immediately struck by its spaciousness and versatility. It felt like a home, albeit on a smaller scale. The thought of having a compact house on wheels, allowing me to live a simpler life and travel freely, resonated deeply with me.

After sharing my excitement with my husband, Stephan, we both realized that living in a tiny house on wheels could be the perfect way for us to pursue our dreams of minimalism and a more intentional lifestyle. We envisioned a life where we could focus on experiences rather than possessions and have the freedom to explore new places whenever we desired.

The Appeal of Minimalist Living

Living in a tiny house on wheels allows us to prioritize what truly matters in life – experiences, connections, and personal growth.

Choosing to embrace the tiny house lifestyle has given us the freedom to let go of societal expectations and redefine our own version of success. Minimalist living has allowed us to break free from the constant pursuit of material possessions and find genuine happiness in the simplicities of life.

As we move forward on this journey, we are continually inspired by the stories of others who have found fulfillment and contentment through tiny house living. These tales of growth, self-discovery, and living in harmony with nature reaffirm our belief that we are making the right choice for our family.

Inspiring Others to Seek a Simpler Life

Our hope is that by sharing our story, we can inspire others to consider a tiny house on wheels as a viable way to attain greater simplicity and fulfillment.

Through our experiences and reflections, we aim to shed light on the joys of minimalist living and the possibilities that come with the tiny house lifestyle. We want to empower individuals and families to take a closer look at their own lives, reassess their priorities, and explore alternative paths to happiness and contentment.

Join us as we delve deeper into our tiny living journey, exploring the challenges and triumphs that come with living in a small house on wheels. In the next section, we will discuss the extensive research and planning involved in making our tiny house dreams a reality.

Researching and Planning for a Tiny Home

tiny house research

After my initial experience with a tiny house rental, I was filled with excitement and curiosity. I wanted to dive deeper into the world of small house living on wheels. So, my partner and I embarked on a period of extensive research. Our goal was to gather as much knowledge as possible about tiny house builders, regulations, and movability. We wanted to ensure that we made informed choices about our future home.

Delving into the world of tiny house research

The research process was an adventure in itself. We reached out to fellow tiny house enthusiasts, attended tiny house expos, and scoured the internet for valuable resources. Our journey led us to discover a vibrant community of tiny house builders and owners who were more than willing to share their experiences and expertise.

Staying at more tiny house rentals

To solidify our decision, we decided to stay at several more tiny house rentals. Each experience gave us valuable insights into the practicality and functionality of living in a small space on wheels. We took notes, made observations, and engaged in conversations with other tiny house dwellers. These firsthand experiences helped us envision what our own tiny house could look like.

Building confidence and knowledge

The researching and planning stage consumed several years of our lives. We dedicated countless hours to understanding building codes, zoning restrictions, and the intricacies of constructing a tiny house on wheels. We researched different construction methods, materials, and designs to find the perfect fit for our needs and preferences.

Our persistence paid off, and in 2021, we finally felt ready to build our own tiny house on wheels. We were armed with the knowledge and confidence to take the next step in our tiny living journey. It was an exciting time filled with anticipation and dreams of a simpler, more sustainable future.

Here is a visual representation of our research journey:

YearResearch Activities
Year 1Attending tiny house expos and workshops
Year 2Visiting tiny house communities
Year 3Staying at multiple tiny house rentals
Year 4Contacting and interviewing tiny house builders
Year 5Reviewing building codes and regulations

The Motivating Factors for Going Tiny

small house on wheels

Choosing to live in a small house on wheels wasn’t a decision we made lightly. For us, it was driven by a desire to live a more meaningful and sustainable lifestyle. There were several motivating factors that led us to embrace the tiny house lifestyle.

Lowering Living Expenses and Minimizing Environmental Impact

One of the primary reasons we opted for a tiny house on wheels was to reduce our overall living expenses. By downsizing and embracing a minimalist living approach, we were able to significantly lower our monthly costs. This financial freedom allowed us to allocate our resources towards experiences and personal growth rather than being tied down by mortgage payments and high utility bills.

Additionally, we wanted to minimize our environmental impact. Living in a smaller space means consuming fewer resources and generating less waste. It was important for us to live in alignment with our values and have a positive impact on the planet.

Quality Time Together as a Family

In the fast-paced modern world, it’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of everyday life. We wanted to prioritize spending quality time together as a family. By living in a tiny house on wheels, we were able to create a more intimate and connected living environment. The close quarters encouraged us to engage with each other, fostering deeper relationships and creating lasting memories.

Freedom to Travel and Explore

The allure of mobile living was another driving force behind our decision. We yearned for the freedom to travel and explore new places without feeling tied down by a traditional home. With a small house on wheels, we have the flexibility to pick up and go whenever we desire. Whether it’s embarking on weekend adventures or extended road trips, the ability to take our home with us is liberating.

The tiny house lifestyle has allowed us to redefine our priorities and find joy in simplicity, experiences, and connections rather than material possessions. It has given us the freedom to live life on our terms and create a fulfilling and meaningful existence.

Living in a Tiny House with Kids

living in a tiny house with kids

One of the biggest concerns for Sabine and Stephan was how their two children, Sanna and Simeon, would adapt to living in a tiny house. However, they found that the kids embraced the change with surprising ease and adaptability.

“We were initially worried about the limited space and how our children would cope,” says Sabine. “But they’ve shown us that they can adapt and find joy in the simplicity.”

Living in a tiny house has given the family the chance to travel more frequently and explore new places they may not have considered otherwise. The close quarters have become a blessing and a unique opportunity for them to bond and create lasting memories.

Whether it’s playing board games together, sharing meals, or simply spending quality time as a family, the intimacy of their tiny house has brought them closer than ever before. “We’ve learned to value experiences and connections over material possessions,” Stephan explains. “Living in a tiny house has helped us prioritize what truly matters in life.”

Creating a Kid-Friendly Tiny House Space

Despite the limited square footage, Sabine and Stephan have made clever use of every inch to create a welcoming and functional space for their children. Here are some key features of their kid-friendly tiny house:

  • Convertible Furniture: They have invested in multi-purpose furniture that can be easily transformed to suit different needs throughout the day. Bunk beds that double as seating during the day and a foldable dining table are just a few examples.
  • Storage Solutions: Smart storage solutions are essential in a tiny house. Sabine and Stephan have incorporated under-bed storage, wall-mounted shelves, and built-in cabinets to keep their children’s belongings organized and easily accessible.
  • Outdoor Space: While the interior of their tiny house provides a cozy living environment, they also make the most of the outdoors. They have a designated outdoor play area with a small table and chairs, where their children can enjoy fresh air and engage in creative activities.

By designing their tiny house with their children’s needs in mind, Sabine and Stephan have created a home where their kids can thrive and feel a sense of ownership.

The New American Dream: Redefining Success

Redefining Success

The experience of living in a tiny house has led me to reflect on the societal norms that define success and accomplishment. As my husband and I embraced the small house on wheels lifestyle, we discovered a new path to happiness—one that prioritizes experiences, quality time with family, and personal growth over material possessions and the pressures of a busy, debt-laden existence.

By embracing a minimalist mindset, we have created space in our lives for the things that truly matter, finding fulfillment in the simple joys and connections that surround us. The journey towards financial freedom has been instrumental in this process, allowing us to break free from the stresses of rising debt and redefine our priorities.

Redefining Success Through Minimalist Living

Living in a tiny house on wheels has fundamentally changed our perception of success. Instead of measuring achievement by the size of our home or the number of possessions we possess, we now gauge success by the richness of our experiences and the impact we have on our loved ones and the environment.

The philosophy of minimalist living has taught us to question the constant pursuit of more and to appreciate the beauty of less. It has inspired us to let go of unnecessary clutter and focus our energy and resources on what truly matters, freeing ourselves from the pressures of consumerism and materialism.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci

In a culture that often equates success with the accumulation of wealth and possessions, we are redefining the meaning of truly living. We have found that true fulfillment lies in the connections we form, the experiences we share, and the sense of purpose that comes from living in alignment with our values.

Pursuing Financial Freedom

One key element of our journey toward redefining success has been our pursuit of financial freedom. By reducing our living expenses and eliminating unnecessary debt, we have gained the freedom to design our lives around what truly matters to us.

Living in a small house on wheels has allowed us to minimize our housing costs and redirect our financial resources towards experiences and personal growth. With fewer financial obligations weighing us down, we have been able to explore new passions, travel more frequently, and invest in our children’s education and future.


Old Definition of SuccessNew Definition of Success
Material possessions and wealthMeaningful experiences and personal growth
Stress and debtFinancial freedom and peace of mind
Busy, hectic lifestyleSimplicity and balance
Constant pursuit of moreContentment with less

The journey of redefining success through tiny house living has given us a new perspective on what it means to live a fulfilling life. It has opened our eyes to the possibilities of simplicity, connection, and financial freedom. As we continue on this path, we hope to inspire others to question their own definitions of success and find the freedom and contentment that comes from living with intention and purpose.


The journey into the world of small house living on wheels has been truly transformative for Sabine and Stephan. By embracing a tiny house lifestyle, they have not only achieved greater financial stability but also discovered the true meaning of success and happiness. Their decision to prioritize simplicity and experiences over material possessions has allowed them to create a life filled with freedom, mobility, and joy.

Living in a small house on wheels has provided Sabine and Stephan with the opportunity to spend valuable time together as a family, creating lasting memories and deepening their bond. They have also been able to explore different places and embrace new adventures, thanks to the mobility their tiny house offers.

Through their inspiring journey, Sabine and Stephan have demonstrated that living in a tiny house is not just about downsizing, but about unlocking a whole new way of living. It is about redefining what is truly important and finding contentment in the simplicity of life. As I embark on my own small house on wheels journey, their story serves as a guiding light, fueling my dreams of minimalist living, freedom of mobility, and a life filled with tiny living dreams.


What is a small house on wheels?

A small house on wheels, also known as a tiny house on wheels or a mobile home, is a compact and portable dwelling that is built on a trailer or chassis. It offers the flexibility to be moved to different locations, allowing for a mobile and minimalist lifestyle.

Why would someone choose to live in a tiny house on wheels?

There are several reasons why someone might choose to live in a tiny house on wheels. Some popular motivations include the desire for a simpler and more sustainable lifestyle, the ability to lower living expenses and minimize environmental impact, the freedom to travel and explore new places, and the opportunity to prioritize experiences and connections over material possessions.

How do I research and plan for a tiny home?

Researching and planning for a tiny home involves various steps, such as exploring the world of tiny house builders, understanding regulations and zoning laws, and staying at tiny house rentals to gain firsthand experience. It is important to take the time to thoroughly research and consider all the various aspects involved in building and living in a tiny home.

Can I live in a tiny house with kids?

Yes, it is possible to live in a tiny house with kids. While it may require some adjustments and creative space utilization, many families successfully embrace the tiny house lifestyle with their children. Living in a tiny house can provide opportunities for closer family bonding and more frequent travel experiences.

How does living in a tiny house redefine success?

Living in a tiny house often prompts individuals to re-evaluate societal norms and redefine what they consider a successful lifestyle. It shifts the focus away from material possessions and a hectic, debt-driven life towards experiences, personal growth, and financial freedom. Embracing a minimalist mindset in a tiny house can lead to a greater sense of freedom, fulfillment, and happiness.